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Bruna Rocha - artist from Brazil

Bruna Rocha is a versatile artist from Brazil who became internationally known as a model and dancer. In her life she has traveled to many parts of the world and draws inspiration from different cultures and experiences. Her aim is to inspire people to look for deeper meaning in life.

After her stage career ended, Bruna dedicated herself to inspiring others to free themselves from guilt and shame through her writing and painting. Art became a form of therapy for her. Initially, she painted to cope with her own pain and trauma. As she began publishing and selling her work, she discovered that her art helped not only her, but others as well.

In Bruna's work you can see the use of different techniques, media and emotions. This reflects her unique approach to art, where she focuses on the authenticity of emotions and feelings in a particular moment. Bruna puts her soul into her works, which makes them lively and inspiring.

Her painting techniques are the result of years of learning, particularly in Brazil, Hong Kong and most recently in Italy, where she took art classes. She prefers acrylic for its vibrant colors and expressiveness, while she turns to oil for more dramatic works.

Bruna emphasizes that a true home is an internal place and not a physical location that can be taken away by external factors. She believes that family is the people we choose, provided we understand and accept our shared roles as mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.

Bruna works with the Laabs Art Gallery. Her paintings are available for sale and represent a unique addition to our art collection.