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Cross-border art: From Eberswalde (Berlin area) to Milan

We cordially invite you to several exceptional art exhibitions taking place later this year:

  • In Eberswalde near Berlin (all year round exhibition),
  • In Świnoujście, Poland (vom 4. bis zum 31. Mai 2024),
  • In Paris (from April to May 9, 2024),
  • In Kielce, Poland (in May 2024),
  • In Warsaw (in June 2024).

Further exhibitions are planned for the second half of the year in the USA and Spain.

These events offer a unique opportunity to experience a diverse range of artworks by renowned Laabs family artists. By downloading our invitation in PDF format you will receive detailed information and previews of the works presented. Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of art. Click below to learn more about these inspiring exhibitions.

The exhibition in Milan took place in January 2024. The exhibition in our gallery near Berlin takes place all year round, with the exhibits changing every 1-1.5 months.


Download the invitation to the exhibition as a PDF file -> Świnoujście 4-31/05/2024

Download the invitation to the exhibition as a PDF file -> Eberswalde  (year-round exhibition)

Świnoujście 4-31/05/2024 (Vernissage am 4/05/2024 um 17:00)

Further exhibitions are planned for the coming months, including exhibitions in Warsaw and USA.

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