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Dr. Magdalena Laabs

Training and artistic development:

  • 2013: Oil painting course in Warsaw.
  • 2013: Oil painting course in Berlin.
  • 2014: Oil painting course in Warsaw.
  • 2016: Oil painting course in Santiago de Chile.
  • 2016: Malereikurs in Lima, Peru.
  • 2016: Painting workshops in Havana, Cuba.

Dr Magdalena Laabs - artist at work - oil painting

Dr Magdalena Laabs artis at work - oil painting

Group exhibitions:

  • 2013: Participation in a group exhibition in Warsaw
  • 2015: Group exhibition in Berlin.
  • 2017: Participation in a group exhibition in Mexico City
  • 2024:Group exhibition of 15 painters and several sculptors, winners of the Artista d’Europa competition at the Antonio Battaglia gallery in Milan (January 18-28, 2024).

global presence

  • My artworks are valued by private collectors in various countries, including Germany, Poland, Italy, Dubai, Switzerland, Monaco, Russia, the United States, Peru, Chile and Cuba.
  • The portrait of Brian Tracy, a renowned motivational speaker and author in the field of self-development, adorns his home and is a testament to the international recognition of my artwork.

Brian Tracy oil painting portrait

Brian Tracy oil painting portrait

Brian Tracy oil painting portrait

Solo exhibitions and permanent exhibitions:

  • 2017-2023: Annual exhibitions by Magdalena and Adam Laabs in the Laabs Art Gallery, Eberswalde near Berlin.
  • 2024.02: Digital exhibition during the Brandenburg Ball in the Congress Hotel in Potsdam, visited by political personalities, Olympic champions, well-known musicians and other prominent figures from culture and sport who represent an elite society.


  • 2023.12: Selection for the TOP Selection 2023 Milan, Italy by the Pitturiamo portal.
  • 2023.12: Winner of the Artista d’Europa competition organized by Pitturiamo in Milan, Italy.

Upcoming exhibitions and projects:

  • 2024.03: Exhibition during the "TOP Woman Experience" in Warsaw (exhibition of the works of art by Magdalena Laabs and Adam Laabs).
  • 2024.04: Exhibition in Paris at the Galerie Thuillier in the heart of Le Marais, near the Place des Vosges and the Picasso Museum, in the gallery district of the capital.
  • 2024.05: Exhibition of artworks by Magdalena Laabs and Adam Laabs entitled "Plastics and Art" during the trade fair PLASTPOL in Kielce, Poland (the largest exhibition center in Eastern Europe with over 15,000 participants from 29 countries).
  • 2024.06: Exhibition during the annual "TOP WOMAN Gala" in Warsaw.

About me:

Inspired by my father Ryszard, an art enthusiast, my interest in painting began in my parents' house, which became my first gallery. My passion for art was nourished by traveling to over 35 countries and broadened my artistic horizons. My paintings, often using luminescent colors that glow in the dark, offer a unique combination of surrealism, realism and fantasy. I primarily use oil paints, but I also enjoy working with acrylics and incorporating gold, silver, mother-of-pearl and metallic colors.