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Movie and TV

Film and television 🎬📺

Welcome to our “Film and Television” category! With us you will find unique works of art that are based on classic films, legendary television shows and well-known personalities from the film industry.

Important: intellectual property rights and personal rights 🛡️

We attach great importance to compliance with copyrights and personal rights. That's why we only offer works of art in this category that either come from the public domain or for which we have the appropriate rights.

Individual productions:
If you would like a work of art with the likeness of a living person, we will only create this work of art once and only for your private use. This unique piece will not be reproduced and is for your personal enjoyment only.

We invite you to browse our gallery and find your desired motif. If you have any questions or special requirements, we will be happy to assist you. Write to us and we will implement your artistic visions! 🎨