Add a special touch to your home or business with unique art: discover modern original oil paintings and high-quality canvas prints in our Laabs Art Gallery

Art rental - Laabs Art Gallery

Art rental - Laabs Art Gallery

Your flexible solution for artwork in any environment

🌟 Unique art for every occasion

At Laabs Art Gallery we understand that art enlivens spaces. Our art rental service offers you the flexibility to enjoy exceptional works of art for any occasion. Whether it's a one-off event, a long-term exhibition or a rotating art subscription, we offer tailored solutions to suit your needs.

One-off events

  • For special occasions: Ideal for corporate events, gala dinners, weddings or other special events.
  • Short-term interior design: Add elegance and exclusivity to your event with selected works of art.

Long term rental

  • Liven up your business premises: Perfect for offices, hotels, restaurants or medical facilities that want to enhance their spaces with art.
  • Regular change: We offer the option to change the artwork regularly to keep your spaces fresh and inspiring.


  • Constantly changing works of art: Ideal for dynamic companies that want to regularly revitalize their environment.
  • Flexibility and diversity: Choose from a wide range of artworks and swap them according to your schedule.

🎨 Art that comes to you

Our team will help you choose the perfect artwork for your needs. We offer:

  • Personal advice: An experienced team to help you find the ideal artwork for your space and occasion.
  • Delivery and installation: Worry-free service from selection to installation of the artwork.

🌟 Description of each work of art

Each work of art has its own story and meaning that is worth sharing. That's why we provide an elegant and fascinating description for every picture you rent. This allows our customers to interest their guests and visitors by telling about the art that decorates their office or living space. Our descriptions contain curiosities about painting styles as well as information about the world's most important and recognized paintings. In this way, art becomes not only a decorative element, but also a source of inspiration and knowledge, a topic of conversation that enriches any interior.

🤝 We are open to collaboration

We are open to collaborations with designers, interior designers and organizers of special events. We offer special discounts for them. Discover the benefits of working with Laabs Art Gallery to enrich your projects with unique art.

📞 Contact us

Are you interested in our art rental service? Contact us to find out more and arrange a personal consultation. We look forward to working with you and enriching your spaces with our art.

Dr. Magdalena Laabs & Ing. Adam Laabs

Laabs Art Gallery

+49 151 457 67 422 (Mob/WhatsApp)

Laabs Art Gallery: Where art meets business. 

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