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Ladybug – Little Beetle, Big Happiness

Ladybug – Little Beetle, Big Luck

The ladybug is a small beetle that has been considered a symbol of luck in many cultures worldwide for centuries. Although these small creatures are inconspicuous, their presence brings smiles to people's faces and positive omens. How could such a tiny creature attain such great significance?

Roots of Luck Symbolism

In Germany, the ladybug is closely associated with the Virgin Mary. Hence, the German name "Marienkäfer" – Mary's beetle. It was believed that the appearance of a ladybug brings luck, while killing one could bring bad luck. This Christian symbolism spread throughout Europe, becoming a universal symbol of luck.

Ladybirds in different cultures

  • Poland: In Poland, the ladybug is also a symbol of luck. Children often sing rhymes about ladybugs, believing they bring good fortune. One popular rhyme goes, "Biedroneczko, biedroneczko, leć do nieba, przynieś mi kawałek chleba," which translates to "Ladybug, ladybug, fly to heaven, bring me a piece of bread." This rhyme is charming and popular, passed down from generation to generation, and often recited by children when they see a ladybug. In Poland, the ladybug is often called "God's little cow" or "Mary's little cow" due to its Christian associations with the Virgin Mary.
  • England: In Great Britain, ladybugs are considered harbingers of good weather and luck. There are many nursery rhymes that confirm this. "Ladybug, ladybug, fly away, bring good luck to me today."
  • France: In France, ladybugs bring luck, and their presence is seen as a good omen.
  • Switzerland: In Switzerland, ladybugs are known as "Glueckskaefer" – lucky beetles. They are symbols of prosperity and success.
  • Sweden: In Sweden, similar to Germany, ladybugs are associated with the Virgin Mary and considered protective symbols against evil spirits.

Why does the ladybug bring good luck?

Ladybugs are not only cute but also very useful. They eat pests such as aphids that destroy crops. Farmers have appreciated their help for centuries, making ladybugs symbols of good harvests and prosperity.

Additionally, their bright colors and friendly appearance make ladybugs popular among people. Many legends and folk beliefs associate ladybugs with positive qualities such as luck, protection, and good omens.

The ladybug in your life

Have you ever encountered a ladybug landing on your hand? It is believed that a ladybug sitting on one's hand brings luck. Now you can bring this symbol of luck into your home or office by surrounding yourself with reproductions of ladybug paintings that not only add charm but also bring positive energy.

Welcome to the world of lucky symbols

On our website, you will find more fascinating information about various luck symbols from around the world. Each symbol has its own history and unique meaning that can enrich your life with new, positive experiences. Discover the magical world of ladybugs and other luck symbols, and surround yourself with positive energy every day!

Discover the magic of ladybugs that bring luck and introduce positive energy into your home or office. We offer unique oil paintings and reproductions featuring ladybug motifs, perfect for decorating.


Discover the magic of ladybugs that bring good luck and bring positive energy into your home or office. We offer unique oil paintings and reproductions with ladybug motifs, ideal for decoration. 

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