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Symbols of good luck: oil paintings, reproductions and products

Symbols of Luck

Good luck symbols have deep roots in the cultures and traditions of various countries around the world. For centuries, people have surrounded themselves with objects and symbols that are believed to bring luck, protection, and prosperity. On our site, we want to introduce you to these fascinating symbols and invite you to purchase our unique artworks and products with their reproductions.

Lucky symbols in Germany:

  • 🐖 Lucky pig: Especially popular at New Year, symbolizes abundance and luck.
  • 🍄 Fly agaric: Is considered a symbol of good luck in German culture. ("Glückspilz" is a German word that literally means "lucky mushroom." The idiomatic equivalent in British English would be "lucky devil.) -> Read more
  • 🧲 Horseshoe: Popular lucky charm that is placed above the door.
  • 🍀 Four-leaf clover: Rare lucky charm.

Lucky symbols in Poland:

  • 🧲 Horseshoe: Symbol of good luck, often placed above the door.

  • 🍀 Four-leaf clover: Rare lucky charm.

  • 🐞 Ladybug: Considered a symbol of good luck, especially when it lands on a person. Read more ->

Lucky symbols in Italy:

  • 🌿 Lucky Horn (Cornicello): Amulet in the shape of a horn that protects against the evil eye and brings happiness.

  • 📿 Red coral beads: Worn as an amulet against the evil eye and bring good luck.

  • 🗝️ St. Antonius figures: Help find lost objects and are considered good luck charms.

Lucky symbols in Spain:

  • 🦩 Stork (Cigüeña): Symbol of luck, fertility and a new beginning.
  • 🍎 Pomegranate: Fruit that brings luck and prosperity.

Lucky symbols in Peru:

  • 🔪 Tumi: Cremonial crescent-shaped knife used by the Incas for health and happiness symbolized.
  • 🐂 Torito de Pucará: Traditional clay figure of a bull that symbolizes luck and protection.

Lucky symbols in Chile:

  • 💃 Chinchinero couple figure: Dancing street artist with a drum on his back, representing joy and happiness symbolized.
  • 💎 Lapis lazuli: Semi-precious stone that symbolizes luck and protection.

Lucky symbols in Cuba:

  • 🧿 Santeria Orisha Amulets: Amulets associated with the Santeria religion, especially those dedicated to the Orishas (gods) bring good luck.
  • 🚬 Cigar: Symbol of luxury and happiness, particularly popular in Cuban culture.

Lucky symbols in Russia:

  • 🧲 Horseshoe: Popular lucky charm that is placed above the door.
  • 🎎 Matryoshka: Traditional Russian dolls that symbolize fertility, luck and prosperity.

Lucky symbols in Ukraine:

  • 🥚 Pysanky: Hand-painted Easter eggs that symbolize life, rebirth and happiness.
  • 🌻 Sunflowers: Symbolize luck, prosperity and solar energy.

Lucky symbols in Japan:

  • 🐱 Maneki-neko (Waving Cat): Brings luck and success in business.
  • 🎎 Daruma doll: Traditional Japanese doll that symbolizes endurance and luck.

Lucky symbols in Hawaii (Kahunas):

  • 🌿 Ti leaf: Ti leaf, used in Hawaiian rituals as a symbol of protection and good luck is used.
  • 🐚 Puka Shells: Shells worn as amulets that bring good luck and protection.

Lucky symbols in the USA:

  • 🍀 Four-leaf clover: Lucky symbol, particularly popular on St. Patrick's Day.
  • 🐾 Hare's foot: Popular amulet that brings good luck.

Lucky symbols in Mexico:

  • 🧶 Ojo de Dios (Eye of God): Handmade wool amulets that bring protection and good luck.
  • 🐸 Frog figure: Symbolizes luck and prosperity.

Welcome to the world of art and lucky symbols

Our store, run by artists Magdalena Laabs and Adam Laabs, offers unique oil paintings and their reproductions. In our assortment, you will also find various products with reproductions of our paintings, such as coffee mugs, cushions, and bags. Dr. Magdalena Laabs' artworks are inspired by various luck symbols from around the world, making them ideal additions to your home or office, bringing positive energy and luck.

We invite you to explore our offerings and discover the magic of luck symbols through art. Choose your favorite artwork or product and bring a touch of luck into your life!

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