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PleinAirSalon Art_Competition 13 edition


It is better to collect more votes for a single painting by each of us than to get a few votes for several paintings. Therefore, if possible, please vote for the 4 paintings marked in orange and also for one more. You have a total of 5 votes available.

Dr. A.S. Magdalena Labs

I painted all three pictures above with luminescent paints that glow in the dark and under UV light.

PleinAirSalon-Art_Competition-Peoples-choice-Artist-Paintings-Malerin-Forehead_to_forehead_with_fear-painting-of-Dr. Magdalena_Laabs

PleinAirSalon-Art_Competition-Peoples-choice-Artist-Paintings-Malerin-Diamond-elegance-painting-of-Dr. Magdalena_Laabs

PleinAirSalon-Art_Competition-Peoples-choice-Artist-Paintings-Malerin-New-Era-of-mobility_with_fear-painting-of-Dr. Magdalena_Laabs

Ing. Adam Labs

Victoria Laabs (19 years old)

Victoria Laabs painting - Breezy - Chris Brown - PleinAirSalon-Art_Competition



Alexandra Laabs (7 years old)

"Luminous Friend" (Category "Beginners") - Painting by Alexandra Laabs - Acrylic paints on acrylic painting paper 30 cm x 42 cm