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Liberation from Blockades II - Anna Beata Kaniecka - mural

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"Liberation of Blockades II" - An extraordinary work of art from the "Neuro-Healing Effect" series that takes you into the fascinating world of abstraction.

This abstract graphic image surprises with its diverse color palette and variety of shapes. It aims to instill a feeling of healing gratitude. This is precisely why the predominant colors are so diverse, to reflect the wealth of experiences and emotions that life brings.

This image is full of subtle nuances and details that allow each viewer to discover something personal and unique in it. It's a real feast for the eyes and at the same time makes you think about what really matters in life.

"Liberation of Blockades II" is not only a work of art, but also a source of inspiration and inner peace. It is the perfect addition to any room that needs to be filled with harmony and positive energy. With this image you can remind yourself daily of the beauty of gratitude and the healing power that life holds.

Artist: Anna Beata Kaniecka -> find out more

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Your selected 🎨 wall pictures from the "Neuro" series are printed on high-quality Italian canvases and already stretched on stretcher frames. These exclusive works grace private collections as original works originally created with watercolors and are limited to a limited edition of 100 copies. Here we offer you high quality reproductions on Italian canvases that capture the natural beauty of this work of art and can be hung on your wall without additional frames.

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However, if you have a decorative frame 🖼️ we offer a diverse selection for an additional charge. From a simple design to an opulent baroque frame – we fulfill your wishes and adapt the work of art to your ideas.

After purchase, we ask that you contact us regarding framing options 📞. You are welcome to send us a photo of the frame you want 📷 and we will work with you to select the perfect frame from our extensive collection. Your satisfaction is our concern, and we take pride in creating your artwork exactly how you want it.

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