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The Secret of the Medallion - Woman Portrait Oil Painting Wall Picture on Canvas

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🌟   The Secret of the Medallion: A Portrait of Inner Peace and Smile" is a painting that takes the viewer into the world of self-reflection and inner peace by depicting a smiling, at peace woman.

"The Secret of the Locket" is an expressive portrait that captivates viewers with its profound depiction and masterful use of color. The woman depicted has a gentle look, but behind her calm facade there seems to be a world full of stories and emotions. Her facial features are captured with care and sensitivity by the artist, giving the work an almost tangible intimacy.
The woman in the picture has her eyes closed and a gentle smile on her lips, suggesting a moment of introspection and inner peace, showing her harmony with the world around her.

The one in the picture of Dr. Magdalena Laabs visible medallion is not just an ordinary jewelry - it is a Ffamily heirloom that has lasted for many generations and connects the artist's German and Polish roots. A symbol of wisdom and experience, it was passed down from mother to daughter, each of them weaving into it their own stories and feelings.

Magdalena's great-great-grandmother, who was considered a well-known herbalist, particularly valued this medallion. She received it as Wedding gift from her husband, and he has been ever since It isinto a valuable symbol of their love and the moments they experienced together. There are legends in the family that the medallion gave her extraordinary powers that helped her understand the mysteries of nature and heal people. For them, the medallion was a source of strength and inspiration as well as a sign of their skills and knowledge. Magdalena's great-grandparents were also known for their longevity, having lived for almost a hundred years. Their marriage, strengthened by the gift of the locket as a wedding present, was an example of deep and enduring love, full of mutual support and respect, that transcended time. Magdalena, one of the few among the great-great-grandmother's many grandchildren, is also an expert in phytotherapy.

The 2020 inon Magdalena's reconstructed medallion, now with her own initials “ML”, is not only a bridge between past and future, but also a symbol of the continuation of the family talents and traditions. The artist has made this medallion part of her artistic signature – he appears in many of her pictures and is a recognizable motif in her work. Anyone viewing the collection of Magdalena's work will quickly notice this special medallion that not only decorates, but also tells a story - a story deeply rooted in family legends and personal creativity.
"The Secret of the Medallion" is more than just a portrait; it is a tribute to the timeless beauty and the inner mysteries that every person carries within themselves. It invites you to look beyond the visible beauty and discover the secrets, that lie hidden in the depths of the soul.

🖌 Author of the painting:
Dr. A.S. Magdalena Labs 

✍️ Signature:
The painting is signed by the author and can be framed.

🎨 Color nuances and style:

The color palette of the painting is rich and complex. Soft green tones dominate the composition and create an atmosphere of calm and contemplation. The woman wears a crown made of feathers, which captivates the viewer with its level of detail and color. Golden and green tones of the feathers contrast with the woman's dark hair and emphasize the elegance and dignity of her posture.

The background of the picture is deliberately kept simple so as not to distract attention from the person portrayed. The skilful lighting highlights the contours of the face and plays with light and shadow, giving the depiction a three-dimensional depth.

Option 1: Original oil painting

  • 🌟 Unique original: Each painting is a unique work of art, signed by the author, Dr. Magdalena Laabs.
  • 📜 Certificate of Authenticity: The original painting comes with a certificate of authenticity confirming its authenticity.
  • 🎨 High quality and durability: Painted on high quality canvas, the oil painting offers unparalleled quality and durability, ensuring the colors remain vibrant for years to come.

Option 2: Limited edition of 50 canvas prints

  • 🔢 Limited edition: Available in a limited edition of 50 numbered copies (e.g. 1/50, 2/50).
  • ✍️ Author's signature and certificate: Each print is signed by the author and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • 🖼 Stretched on a stretcher frame: The prints are stretched on high quality stretcher frames and ready to hang.
  • 🛡 Protected with varnish: By using a special, high-quality varnish, the prints are protected from fading and retain their quality over a long period of time.
  • 💰 Affordable Price: The prints are available at a cheaper price and represent an excellent alternative to the original oil painting.

We will be happy to send additional photos or a video upon request. A personal visit is possible after prior telephone arrangement.

Both versions of the painting offer a unique opportunity to own a distinctive work of art that will enrich any interior with its depth and sophistication.

🌈 Special offer:
We also recommend combining this painting with other works from the "Green Lady" series for a complete wall design.

❓ Questions?
Contact us at any time via WhatsApp. We would be happy to advise you!

🖼 Frame options:

The picture is sold unframed, but we offer a wide range of framing options - from simple to highly decorative. The most commonly chosen frame colors are silver, gold, white and black, but we also accommodate individual customer requests.

📱 Contact us:
We encourage you to contact us via WhatsApp if you have any specific requirements or questions. In addition to this sublime work of art, we also offer the "Green Lady" series, which includes a selection of fascinating portraits of women. These pictures perfectly complement the angel of peace in color harmony and can be a wonderful addition to your home.

We are excited to hear your inquiry and look forward to helping you create your dream interior. Simply contact us via WhatsApp or visit our contact page.