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Freedom Doll - Wall Picture on Canvas

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Freedom Doll – A powerful artwork that breaks the boundaries of social norms

Discover the unique strength and individuality in this expressive painting.

My painting refers to the fact that we often live for the public and try to please others, which is completely unnecessary. Each of us should live in a way that makes us feel happy first and foremost. People watch us from everywhere and criticize, comment on our behavior, our way of dressing, our appearance, etc. But no one has ever been born who could please everyone. Even if you were an angel, there would always be someone who is disturbed by the flutter of your wings. If you dress elegantly, they say, "you’ve dressed up," if you dress casually, they say, "you’ve let yourself go." No matter what you do, there will always be someone who doesn’t like it. So? It’s better to live in a way that makes you and your family feel good. Of course, at work, you have to adhere to certain norms, but at least after work, give yourself a moment to be who you want to be.

The painting depicts a figure in front of a landscape with mountains and sky, looking like a stuffed doll.

Here is a detailed description of the elements of the painting:


  • Clothing: The figure is wearing a pink suit made of faux leather, consisting of a jacket and pants. The entire outfit is very bright and shiny, giving the figure an intense and surreal look.
  • Hair: The green hair is cut into a sharp bob, giving the figure a unique and unusual appearance.
  • Face: The figure’s face is expressive, with large, wide-open eyes and distinct pink cheeks, giving an impression of surprise or amazement.
  • Shoes: The figure is wearing pink shoes with black eyes, reminiscent of the eyes of creatures or dolls, adding a surreal touch to the overall image.


  • Background: The background shows a sky with pink and blue hues, suggesting a sunrise. The mountainous landscape is dynamic, with sharp peaks and deep valleys, adding depth to the painting.
  • Ground: The figure sits on a gray surface reminiscent of concrete or stone, contrasting with the colorful background and the figure’s clothing.


  • Green Hair: Symbolizes nature, freshness, but also something unnatural and grotesque, fitting the surreal style of the painting.
  • Pink Suit: The intense pink color symbolizes extravagance, courage, and expressiveness.
  • Eyes on the Shoes: Symbolize constant observation or presence, reminiscent of the motif of ubiquitous eyes from earlier paintings in the series "Grotesque: The Power of Individualism," such as the painting "Ubiquitous Eyes."


  • Surreal Style: The painting is done in a surreal style, giving it a unique and fantastic character. Exaggerated proportions and unusual elements, such as the eyes on the shoes and green hair, create the impression of a dream or vision.
  • Individualism and Freedom: The figure symbolizes individualism and the struggle for personal freedom, despite the unusual and sometimes strange elements surrounding it. This relates to the theme of the series "Grotesque: The Power of Individualism."

Artistic Context:

Artist Dr. Magdalena Laabs is known for her surreal and expressionist works that often break social norms and explore themes such as individualism, freedom, and introspection.

This painting, like others in the series, encourages reflection on social norms and individuality, emphasizing the inner strength and determination of the individual.

✍️ Signature:
The painting is signed by the author and can be framed.

✍️ Author of the painting:
Dr. Magdalena Laabs

Option 1: Original oil painting 80 x 100 cm

  • 🌟 Unique original: Each painting is a unique work of art, signed by the author, Dr. Magdalena Laabs .
  • 📜 Certificate of Authenticity: The original painting comes with a certificate of authenticity confirming its authenticity.
  • 🎨 High Quality and Durability: Painted on high-quality canvas, the oil painting offers unparalleled quality and durability, ensuring the colors remain vibrant for years.

Option 2: Limited edition of 50 canvas prints

  • 🔢 Limited Edition: Available in a limited edition of 50 numbered copies (e.g. 1/50, 2/50).
  • ✍️ Author's signature and certificate: Each print is signed by the author and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • 🖼 Stretched on a stretcher frame: The Reproductions are printed on cotton canvas, stretched on stretcher bars and ready to hang.
  • 🛡Protected with varnish: By using a special, high-quality varnish, the prints are protected from fading and retain their quality for a long time.
  • 💰 Affordable Price: The prints are available at a cheaper price and are an excellent alternative to the original oil painting. 

    Each print is additionally hand coated with a clear varnish which not only provides additional protection to the image but also makes it more similar to the original. 

We will be happy to send additional photos or a video upon request. A personal visit is possible after prior telephone arrangement. Both versions of the painting offer a unique opportunity to own a distinctive work of art that will enrich any interior with its depth and sophistication.

🌈 Special offer:

We also recommend combining this painting with other works from the series "Grotesque: The Power of Individualism"

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