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Harmony of Penetration Oil Painting Wall Picture on Canvas

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🌟 Experience 'Harmony of Penetration': The symphony of the microcosm where thought shapes matter. A visionary work of art by Dr. Magdalena Laabs, which artfully depicts the connection between mind and body.

The oil painting "Harmony of Penetration" by Dr. Magdalena Laabs is an exception in her rich portfolio, which consists mainly of realistic and surrealist works. It is characterized by a unique abstraction reminiscent of penetrating cells and can be interpreted as a symbolic representation of human emotions and psychological states. The intensity and depth of the colors, emphasized by clear contours, create a dynamic space that reflects the complexity of human experience.

The work "Harmony of Penetration" is not just a visual experience. It reminds us that emotional well-being and psychological balance are just as important to health as diet and exercise. The image invites introspection and meditationand offers the viewer a space to discover their own emotions and the inner world. The abstractness of the composition leads to deep reflection while confirming that art can be a powerful communication tool - a way of reflecting the complexity of our existence to express and understand. Dr. Magdalena Laabs, with her interdisciplinary approach to art and life, presents a work that is not just an image, but also a key to a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around us.< br>
Dr. Magdalena Laabs, the creator of the painting "Harmony of Penetration", shows a strong interest in a wide range of disciplines, which is reflected in her artistic expression. From a fascination with quantum physics to a commitment to recycling and processing plastics to the science of healthy nutrition - her interdisciplinary passions are reflected in the rich texture and color of her works. The layers of the image can be viewed as a visual language that describes invisible but essential processes in our organisms. Magdalena Laabs draws inspiration from various areas of knowledge, which underlines the uniqueness of her artistic approach, harmony and balance in life.

Our body is largely made of water, and the phenomenon of its memory has been researched by many scientists , including the well-known Japanese researcher Professor Masaru Emoto. Over years, Emoto's experiments demonstrated that water could "store" various stimuli, represented by the structures of water crystals under the influence of music, words, or intentions. This theory emphasizes the importance of conscious living and the influence of the environment on our inner world.

When we become aware that every water molecule in our body can carry information, we begin to respond differently to our surroundings, what we eat and emotions that we are experiencing. The sounds of nature, harmonious music, positive affirmations can potentially have a beneficial influence on our inner state, which is reflected in the work in an abstract way

"Harmony of Penetration" was captured. It reminds us that the harmony and beauty that surrounds us can influence our inner balance and well-being, contributing to better health and overall well-being.

In a time of omnipresent stress and fast pace of life, this image can become a space for finding peace and calm. It reminds us that it is worth pausing for a moment, to delve into the depths of your own thoughts and emotions in order to give your mind and body a chance to regenerate and renew. "Harmony of Penetration" is not only a work of art, but also a medium that stimulates reflection on the deeper influence of our daily decisions and habits on our lives.

🖌 Author of the painting:
Dr. Magdalena Laabs

✍️ Signature:
The painting is signed by the author and can be framed.

🎨 Color nuances and style

The colors in the image seem to be a metaphor for the variety of emotions - from the fiery red of passion to the calm one Blue of reflection. Just as every cell in our body reacts to emotional changes, every element of this work seems to affect our senses and inner experience. In this context, the contrast between warm and cold colors can be interpreted as search for balance that we strive for, not just through diet , but also through practices such as meditation that unlock inner peace and harmony.

Option 1: Original oil painting

  • 🌟 Unique original: Each painting is a unique work of art, signed by the author, Dr. Magdalena Laabs.
  • 📜 Certificate of Authenticity:The original painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming its authenticity.
  • 🎨 High Quality and Durability: Painted on high quality canvas, the oil painting offers unparalleled quality and durability, keeping the colors vibrant for years to come .

Option 2: Limited edition of 50 canvas prints

  • 🔢 Limited Edition: Available in a limited edition of 50 numbered copies (e.g. 1/50, 2/50).
  • ✍️ Author's signature and certificate: Each print is signed by the author and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • 🖼 Stretched on stretcher frames: The prints are stretched on high-quality stretcher frames and ready to hang.
  • 🛡Protected with varnish: By using a special, high-quality varnish, the prints are protected from fading and retain their quality over a long time.
  • 💰 Affordable Price: The prints are available at a cheaper price and are an excellent alternative to the original oil painting.

We will be happy to send additional photos or a video upon request. A personal visit is possible after prior telephone arrangement.

Both versions of the painting offer a unique opportunity to own a distinctive work of art that will enrich any interior with its depth and sophistication.

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We also recommend combining this painting with other works from the series "Vibrations of being"for a perfect wall design.

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🖼 Frame options:

The picture is sold without a frame, but we offer a wide range of frame options - from simple to highly decorative. The most commonly chosen frame colors are silver, gold, white and black, but we also fulfill individual customer requests.

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