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"Erweckte Kundalini" - (Acryl Auf Leinwand) - Laabs Art Gallery

"Awakened Kundalini" - (Painting Acrylic On Canvas)

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The coiled serpent that lives at the base of our spine can be awakened, and once awakened we can finally find peace, light and all the answers to our prayers. In this moment, we stop looking for answers outside of ourselves and become able to bless others, walk on a path of purity, and inspire others to find their own light.
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Artist: Bruna Rocha

Uber Bruna Rocha:
Bruna Rocha is a talented artist from Brazil whose works are influenced by her international experiences as a model and dancer. Her artistic diversity is reflected in her work, which is often inspired by the different cultures and impressions she has collected during her travels around the world. Bruna Rocha has a unique ability to inspire people and encourage them to look for deeper meaning in life. Her artwork is an expression of her own journey of self-discovery and growth.

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