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Smile of nature wall picture on canvas

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“Smile of Nature” – a portrait full of harmony and joy of life from the “Green Lady” series by Dr. Magdalena Laabs

“Smile of Nature” – a portrait full of harmony and joy of life from the “Green Lady” series by Dr. Magdalena Laabs

We proudly present to you "Smile of Nature", the latest gem from the renowned "Green Lady" series by Dr. Magdalena Laabs. This work is an ode to the beauty and optimism hidden in nature and expressed in every brush stroke.

The picture is in our gallery in the Berlin area and impresses with its lively charisma and the positive energy it conveys. The main character of the painting, surrounded by an aura of green, symbolizes the vitality and refreshing power we find in nature.

In "Nature's Smile" Dr. Laabs skillfully combines the elegance and subtlety of human presence with the untouched beauty of nature. Every element, from the gently curved lines to the nuanced color transitions, is a celebration of life and the natural world.

The Green Lady series is known for its use of green and gold tones, symbolizing the diversity of life while creating an atmosphere of growth, renewal and prosperity. "Nature's Smile" expands this series by portraying a serene, life-affirming vision that invites viewers to engage with the deeper layers of life.

The canvas prints of this unique work are strictly limited and are printed on high-quality Italian natural canvas upon request. Each print is sealed with a clear varnish to protect the colors and details and by Dr. Laabs personally signed before shipping.

Discover "Nature's Smile" in our gallery and be inspired by this captivating portrait that will not only enrich your collection, but also serve as a daily reminder of the infinite beauty and healing power of nature.


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The picture is sold unframed, however we offer a variety of framing options to suit your individual style - from simple to highly decorative. Popular frame colors include silver, gold, white and black, and we are happy to accommodate your personal preferences.

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