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Omnipresent Eyes - Painting on Canvas
Omnipresent Eyes - Painting on Canvas
Omnipresent Eyes - Painting on Canvas
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Omnipresent Eyes - Painting on Canvas

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"Omnipresent Eyes" – A powerful artwork that breaks the boundaries of societal norms. Discover the unique strength and individuality in this expressive painting.

In the painting "Omnipresent Eyes" from the series "Grotesque: The Power of Individualism", I express my protest against societal norms and expectations that limit our actions and constrain our freedom. The central figure in the painting is a man with an expressive face, surrounded by pink cushions with eyes, symbolizing the omnipresent surveillance in the style of "Big Brother is watching you" from Orwell's novel 1984. His head rests softly on the cushions, yet even they are constantly watching him, reflecting our reality where we are constantly monitored by cameras on the streets, our own phones, computers, and even everyday devices. With the introduction of the "Internet of Things," even our refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, or electric cushions will continuously observe us.


Pink cushions with eyes, surrounding the man, symbolize the expectations and norms imposed by society that control and observe his every move. These surreal elements have many layers of meaning. Primarily, they symbolize social pressure and surveillance, which make it difficult to express oneself on one's terms. The eyes on the cushions are tools of control that make it impossible for the man to live a peaceful life by his own rules.

Warning and Alarm:

Yellow is often used as a warning color. Yellow eyes, therefore, symbolize an alarm state, a constant sense of threat, or the need to pay attention to something important.

Internet of Things (IoT): The term "Internet of Things" or "IoT" stands for a connected world of "smart" devices. These IoT devices act like computers and are connected locally or over the internet with other devices.

In the background, there is a blue sky and a calm lake set against mountains. We seem to be peacefully relaxing, yet even in moments of rest and relaxation, we are continuously monitored.


The figure of the man, surrounded by intense colors and surreal elements, symbolizes the constant struggle for personal freedom and self-expression. His intense gaze and worried facial expression in the face of this unusual situation are a call for acceptance and celebration of what makes us unique. Through his emotional behavior and unique form, I want to convey that true freedom lies in accepting oneself as one is, regardless of societal expectations and norms. This painting, like the entire series "Grotesque: The Power of Individualism", is meant to inspire you to reflect on your identity and encourage you to reject the limitations imposed by external influences. It is a manifestation of the joy and satisfaction that come from being authentic, with all your unique qualities and talents.


Pink cushions with eyes:

  • Control and Surveillance: Eyes symbolize constant observation and social pressure, making it difficult to be oneself. Knowing that we are being watched, we behave less naturally.
  • Surrealism and Fantasy: Cushions with eyes create a surreal background reflecting the inner state of unrest and the search for freedom.

Figure of the man:

  • Facial expression: The intense gaze and facial expression of the man emphasize his inner struggle and strength in the face of imposed restrictions.
  • Central figure: His presence in the center of the painting symbolizes the fight for personal freedom and individualism.

"Big Brother is watching you." "Every sound you make, every movement you perform, is recorded." "Everything you do is observed." "Awareness is revolutionary."

Quotes from "1984" by George Orwell.


The figure of the man, surrounded by surreal elements: This unusual feature of the painting symbolizes the desire to create and act in all areas of life despite imposed restrictions. The central figure and the surreal elements surrounding it emphasize the determination to shape reality on one's terms.

The entire symbolism of the surrounding elements and the central figure in this painting highlights the motif of breaking conventions, a creative approach to life, and finding one's unique path in a world full of norms.


I invite you to discover the remaining paintings from the series "Grotesque: The Power of Individualism". These unique artworks are not only a beautiful decoration for your home or office, giving them an individual and extraordinary look, but also an excellent investment. In times of continuous inflation, investing in art is a safe capital investment that gains value.


The painting "Omnipresent Eyes" is characterized by an intense and contrasting color scheme that draws the eye and emphasizes the depth of the depicted emotions. The background of the painting is maintained in intense shades of blue, which contrast with the pink cushions and the central figure of the man. Pink cushions create a surreal environment, giving the painting a unique and fantastic character.

The man in the painting has intense, yellow eyes and a distinctive, pale pink face, which further emphasizes the contrast between him and the background.

His piercing gaze and worried facial expression draw attention and give the figure a deep aura of mystery and emotion. The pink around his eyes and the pink cushions symbolize the stress and fatigue resulting from constant surveillance, as well as the absurdity of a situation where even everyday objects can observe us.

The style of the painting is surrealistic and grotesque, which perfectly fits the series "Grotesque: The Power of Individualism". The figure of the man is depicted in an expressive way, with exaggerated proportions, giving him a dreamy and fantastic character. Clear lines and intense color schemes characterize the modern, expressive style that emphasizes the uniqueness and individuality of the depicted figure.

The overall impression of the painting is both fascinating and thought-provoking. The composition and color scheme encourage the viewer to reflect on social norms and personal freedom while simultaneously emphasizing the man's inner strength and determination.


✍️ Signature:
The painting is signed by the author and can be framed.

✍️ Author of the painting:
Dr. Magdalena Laabs

Option 1: Original oil painting 80 x 100 cm

  • 🌟 Unique original: Each painting is a unique work of art, signed by the author, Dr. Magdalena Laabs .
  • 📜 Certificate of Authenticity: The original painting comes with a certificate of authenticity confirming its authenticity.
  • 🎨 High Quality and Durability: Painted on high-quality canvas, the oil painting offers unparalleled quality and durability, ensuring the colors remain vibrant for years.

Option 2: Limited edition of 50 canvas prints

  • 🔢 Limited Edition: Available in a limited edition of 50 numbered copies (e.g. 1/50, 2/50).
  • ✍️ Author's signature and certificate: Each print is signed by the author and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • 🖼 Stretched on a stretcher frame: The Reproductions are printed on cotton canvas, stretched on stretcher bars and ready to hang.
  • 🛡Protected with varnish: By using a special, high-quality varnish, the prints are protected from fading and retain their quality for a long time.
  • 💰 Affordable Price: The prints are available at a cheaper price and are an excellent alternative to the original oil painting. 

    Each print is additionally hand coated with a clear varnish which not only provides additional protection to the image but also makes it more similar to the original. 

We will be happy to send additional photos or a video upon request. A personal visit is possible after prior telephone arrangement. Both versions of the painting offer a unique opportunity to own a distinctive work of art that will enrich any interior with its depth and sophistication.

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We also recommend combining this painting with other works from the series "Grotesque: The Power of Individualism"

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